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Version: 3.21

Use terms and conditions

These terms and conditions define the use of any information in senhasegura user manual. By using the manual or downloading materials from it you agree that you know and understood these terms and conditions and have accepted them. If not, please do not use this manual. MT4 reserves the right to change this manual and these terms and conditions at any time.

The information in this manual is protected by international copyright laws and treaties, and other intellectual property laws and treaties. You can download, reproduce, display and distribute the materials of the manual only for informational and non-commercial or personal use, since you do not modify it and keep all copyright and proprietary notices as they are shown in those Materials.

MT4 shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, as a result of contractual, negligent or other defective action resulting from the use of this material, even if MT4 has warned or not about the chance of such damage.

If you have questions in respect to these Terms, or if you wish to contact MT4 senhasegura, please access the PAM Solution portal.

senhasegura licenses

The terms and conditions of use the senhasegura software licenses are established in the sales contracts.

Other licenses

The senhasegura software development in MT4 uses some other software’s. The licenses usage conditions of these software are respected throughout the application. The software that is used in part or in full, in one or more senhasegura modules that are listed below:

Bootstrap Frontend Framework:
BouncyCastle Cryptographic API:
CaitSith Linux Access Restriction:
DataTables Plug-in for jQuery Javascript library:
Debian Operating System:
Dojo Toolkit JavaScript Library:
Elastic Search:
Fontawesome Icon set and Toolkit:
FreeRDP RDP Server:
Guacamole Web Application:
Highcharts Graphic library:
iCheck jQuery Plugin:
ImageProcessor NET Library:
inputmask jQuery Plugin:
jQuery Javascript Library:
jQuery Tags Input jQuery Plugin:
LiteDB Database:
MariaDB Database:
MaterialDesign Interface Design:
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:
Newtonsoft.Json NET Framework:
Nginx HTTP Server:
NProgress JavaScript Library:
OpenCVSharp NET Framework:
Oracle Java 8:
Paramiko SSH Client:
PhantomJS Web Browser:
Selenium Web Application Testing Automation:
SharpDX DirectX API .NET wrapper:
SmartWizard jQuery Plugin:
Switchery jQuery Plugin:
TestStackWhite Web Application Testing Automation:
Tomcat Web Server:
WinRM Windows Remote Management:
xrdp RDP Server: